Finely Sculpted Brass Silhouettes.
Slivers of Glow and Elegant gentle Sounds, For The Wardrobe and Entrée.



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A custom made brass hanger.
Seamlessly and elegantly welded by hand.
A slim fluid silhouette, adding beauty with its glow, and with its gentle ring when handled.
Made in New York.




• Product Name:
The Brass Hanger

• Color:
Polished Brass

• Made in New York

Construction, Fit & Size

• Material:
Solid Brass

• Care:
Wipe Clean. Use Brass polish occasionally to keep color as new if so wished

• Size:
8.25″ H x 15.5“ W x 0.25“ D Diameter Rod
Standard Hanger Dimensions

Please note this item is sold in minimums of 5. The price listed is for a set of 5.

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