Starring Camilla Stærk & Helena Christensen
Directed by Camilla Stærk & Helena Christensen
Director of Photography & Lighting: Hunter Barnes
Production: Hunter Barnes and Stærk&Christensen
Editing: Keaton Manning at Velem
Color and Finish: Keaton Manning at Velem
Post Production: Velem, New York
Wardrobe: Vintage Curation and design by Stærk&Christensen

Part of the film series ‘In My Dream Last Night…’ by Stærk&Christensen.

‘In My Dream Last Night…’ is the armature behind an ongoing short film and sound concept by creative due Stærk&Christensen, in collaboration with a number of artists from various fields who are a continuous source of inspiration to the duo. A collection of personal moments, thoughts and dreams are revealed and interpreted through each collaborator, underpinning the composition of the work.
Produced and Executed in Partnership with Milk and Velem, New York.